Insights for Home Health Physical Therapists


Welcome to Teachmedpt, a platform for home health physical therapists and anyone interested in the nuts and bolts of home health. Join us as we explore day to day operations of a home health physical therapist and address elements of self-care for a healthy professional and personal life.

Hello! I’m Kayla, a passionate physical therapist with a decade of home health experience and creator of Teachmedpt. I began my career in home health as a new grad, despite discouragement from professors, as the market was oversaturated and opportunities lacked full-time status. It was a bumpy road but my challenges will not be in vain! I’m here to share what I wish I had known and strategies I’ve procured along the way. READ FULL STORY HERE

Not sure where to start? See below…

What does home health physical therapy look like?

                CLINICAL ROLE

                PATIENT CARE

                PREPAREDNESS for the road and patient homes

How does the home health industry operate and what drives the providers that employ us?

                WHAT IS HOME HEALTH?

                Home health PROVIDERS, companies, and agencies

                Insurance PAYORS and Medicare

What is lifestyle wellness and why is it important?

                EMOTIONAL HEALTH, promote boundaries not burnout



                LIFESTYLE, look great, feel great!

                FINANCIAL LITERACY 101, invest in yourself and future

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